Law of Attraction And Miracles of Manifestation – 2

Attracting & Manifesting Reality

So how does this work in practice? Well, the universal Law Of Attraction is waiting for your clear and concise instructions at all times. And the energy with which you have to pay for manifestation is the energy of desire, belief, expectancy and action.

The Power Of Belief In Attracting Reality

Belief is often described in this context as requiring you to act with absolute certainty “as if” the event you seek to create has already happened.

But that’s not quite right: in actual fact, belief only requires you to “pay” for manifestation with the certainty that what you are trying to create will be created.

Imagining it as part of your present reality is just one way of doing this. And in fact it’s not even easiest way, because your mind almost always fights back against your imagination. Suppose you are trying to manifest money. You may imagine yourself surrounded by unlimited wealth, and your bank account overflowing, but this affirmation is as nothing compared to your mind’s ability to contradict you. Your conscious mind knows you’re not rich, and it will remind you of that fact.

The contradiction and conflict between your imagination and your reality can “confuse” the universal law of attraction, so you get nothing.

This clash of conflicting energies has been the challenge of every man and woman who has sought to co-create their reality since time began. (And, by the way, co-creation simply means that you and the universe work together to create whatever it is you want in your life.)

Of course, no matter what you might desire, getting from where you are now to where you wish to be has two aspects: your inner process, and the outer process of manifestation in the physical world. So how do you start linking these two areas? By conceiving a precise image, description or thought of what it is you actually want right now.

The fact you don’t have your desired outcome yet, whatever it may be, is an irrelevance. Remember Napoleon Hill’s wise words: “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve.” And: “If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way.” However, to believe enough you have to either be sure of your ability to manifest what you want, or you have to act in a way that reinforces your belief.

I generally recommend people to start their manifesting with objectives of the right size for their belief system. A classic example of this would be if you decide you want $1 million in your bank account but that your wealth consciousness is under-developed.

The Law of Attraction made real
Creating or attracting wealth is mostly about believing it is possible for YOU….

A few moments’ reflecting on this vision of $1 million in your bank may quickly reveal that you don’t believe such an outcome is possible for you (yet). And, if it isn’t, you can shift your expectations downwards until you reach a point that is entirely believable for you. That might be $10,000 or $20,000, or $250,000.

The point I’m making is that you always know when you have set yourself a target which you can believe in.

An alternative method for reinforcing your belief would be to act as though you already had $1 million in your life. I don’t think this approach is as effective, because your mind will always be ready to remind you that you don’t have it, and even a moment’s disbelief in the process can destroy its effectiveness.

Video: Attraction & (Dis)Belief

While Law of Attraction is a universal law and not capricious, it does require you to fulfill your side of the deal. If you don’t believe in what you’re trying to achieve, you won’t achieve it. Most authors deal with this by saying (advice I’ve seen many times!!) “live, think and feel as if your wishes already been granted”. But this, to me at least, is a harder way of manifesting reality.

Feel the joy when you succeed!
Feel the joy when you succeed!

Keep in mind that this universal law is indifferent to whether or not you get what you are asking for. You can’t expect any help here: it’s your part of the bargain to believe completely, to desire intensely, to expect to pick up the outcome as your payoff, and to act in the best way to attract things to you.

And as one author so astutely observed, “miracles aren’t logical, so the last thing you need is logical advice from the mind.” One way of dealing with this is to simply say “I don’t accept any energy that contradicts or conflicts with my unlimited power to manifest my reality.”

Mike Dooley's book....
Mike Dooley’s book…. a great help when you’re learning the art of manifesting.

Mike Dooley, author of Manifesting Change, suggests another approach: that you allow yourself to doubt your disbelief. It’s rather a cunning trick, which essentially is about you saying something like “OK, so I don’t believe in this possibility completely, but I can allow myself to doubt that my disbelief is correct.”

Whatever your belief system, if you read enough about the Law of Attraction, and if you do enough research, you’re certain to find a way of overcoming your own limiting beliefs.

To quote Stuart Wilde, from his book Miracles, “Infinite power is so magnanimous, so powerful, so much more than the mind, that it exists in a separate dimension, and that’s why the mind has difficulty perceiving that it’s even there. You get an intuition or feeling or rush of excitement, but that is all.… When it starts to work in your life you will know it by the quality of the people and events that surround you.”

Video – Stuart Wilde

So this is a fascinating way of looking at things: that miracles don’t in fact come from without, but come from within (you) because the energy of manifestation is a part of who and what you are – and you are a part of the divine whole.

By the way, you can’t manifest things for other people. One of the reasons for this is that it interferes with the universal law; in effect, you’re dictating somebody else’s future, which the universal laws do not permit you to do.

Manifestation using Attraction is the responsibility of each and every individual for him or herself. You cannot help others evade adversity by manifesting things for them, because this would interfere with their own evolution – which goes against the way the universe operates.