Law Of Attraction Produces Miracles Of Manifestation

The Law of Attraction

To some people, manifestation using the Law Of Attraction can seem miraculous.

Yet there is nothing miraculous about it. The truth is that deep within every man and woman alive is an immense power, one which remains untapped in 99% of people on the planet – possibly more. This power is impartial, unemotional, and responds to whoever calls upon it.

Now you can use all kinds of words to define this power –  Christ Consciousness, the Universal Mind, God, The Mystery, All That Is – but the fact remains that it is a part of every one of us, just as we are part of the greater whole.

So let’s call it the Law of Creation.

If you want to create “manifestation miracles” in your life, then you need to know about our Law of Attraction and how it operates.

This is a universal law (meaning it works for everyone, everywhere) which accepts whatever you offer it in your thoughts, feelings, and actions, and then reflects back to you the output of those things in an impartial and unemotional way.

It’s hard for some people to accept this: but manifesting good and manifesting evil are just as easy.

You only have to look at human history to see how true that is. Indeed, some people might argue that there is so much negativity in the world because human beings are more inclined to manifest negative things than positive. I’m not sure I agree with that, but it’s useful to keep in mind that your thoughts are powerful, whatever level of morality, or energy, or concept of good and bad, they reflect.

Does Attraction Always Work?  No Way!

Many people wonder why we can’t use the law of attraction more easily and effectively when it is such a universal force in our lives.

The answer to that question probably lies in the concept of the collective unconscious, an idea that Carl Jung put forward, which basically suggests that our day-to-day relationships with the world are governed by the sum total of the unconscious energy of everyone who’s ever lived. That energy definitely suggests that making gold coins appear from nowhere is impossible!

But you don’t have to be in the grip of what the majority believe. You can take control of your destiny when you use the law of attraction to manifest what you desire.

Even then, the collective unconscious can influence you indirectly. Consider this question: do you believe that it’s possible to manifest gold coins in the palm of your hand? No, of course not.

And the reason for this is that there is a collective belief about what’s possible and what’s impossible in our world. In the case of manifesting gold coins, the collective belief is probably something like “you have to work for money before it appears” or “you can’t produce something from nothing”.

Connection with God.
Your consciousness is a way to connect with the energies of the universe.

But, you know, keep in mind the possibility that if you absolutely were able to believe with complete certainty that you could manifest gold coins in the palm of your hand… It might happen.

However, for most of us, manifestation is concerned with matters rather less dramatic than the manifestation of gold coins!

Problems With Attracting Stuff !

So one of the problems you will face in getting what you want by using manifestation concepts associated with the law of attraction is this: what you believe about yourself and the world around you can interfere with your ability to manifest reality.

To take a simple example: you no doubt have some very definite beliefs about how fast you can run, and for how long you can keep going. These beliefs may not necessarily be factually correct, but they are based on some kind of experience you’ve had in your life, and while you believe they are true, there’s no possibility of you running longer or faster. Your beliefs have to change for that to happen.

Now take that example, and transfer it to every aspect of your life including manifestation using law of attraction principles.

What you can get is determined by what you believe you can get. And what you believe you can get is determined by your previous experience, including the things that others told you, things that you may have believed without question – but which may or may not be correct.

So, to go on with the mechanism of manifestation, let’s just think for a moment about the interaction between you and the world around you.

As you probably know, quantum physics has demonstrated that matter and energy are interchangeable. So everything around you is energy, including your body. You can perceive some of that energy through your five senses, but the majority of it is beyond the reach of your eyes, your ears, and indeed your other senses as well.

How advanced is your spiritual evolution?
How advanced is your spiritual evolution?

But it is possible to attune your mind at a deeper level to connect with that energy: this is probably what people do during meditation – they connect with the universal energy around them. And your intuition is an important part of manifesting your reality. Or, to be more exact, it is an important part of your ability to tap into the energy around you –  as either broadcaster or receiver.

As broadcaster, you’re sending out instructions to the universe about what you want, and as receiver, you’re ready to pick up the fact that the universe has heard you, loud and clear, and has sent a message back to you telling you that your desires are on their way.

Every event in your life is indeed a manifestation of your thoughts and feelings. If things are going well for you, if you are “in the zone”, that’s because the thoughts you are putting out are positive, encouraging the universe to respond by supplying positive events in return.

When things are not going well, you can rest assured that it’s solely because you’re not in the place where you need to be to achieve success and fulfillment, let alone manifestation of whatever you want.

Note well that creating your reality by affecting the energy of the universe is NOT about wishing for things in a weak and unfocused way. The power within you doesn’t work that way.

graphic representing energy vibrations of the brain
The energetic vibrations of each entity are unique

To start with, it’s much more likely to work when you’re trying to create something by manifestation for both your highest good and the highest good of all concerned.

It’s also possible that the universe may send you something other than that which you asked for, an interesting phenomenon when it happens, to say the least.

(The reason this happens is because the universe knows that you need a steppingstone on the way to your new reality. If you ever find yourself asking “why haven’t I got what I wanted?” You can be almost certain that this is the reason why.)

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